I Still Jump Around at 84, Despite Having Diabetes for 35 years- Obasanjo

Former Military Head of State, General Olusegun Obasanjo (retired) has revealed why he has been able to survive with diabetes this long.

The octogenarian said this at an event held in his home State of Ogun, to create awareness for the disease, titled Diabetes Youth Development Camp.

Obasanjo who ruled Nigeria for 8 years as a civilian president upon the Nation’s return to democracy in 1999 said he was diagnosed of the ailment 35 years ago, during which time his peers have died of it.

He intimated the youths that the disease is not a deadly one, and with the right lifestyle, it can be curtailed.

He added, “I have been diagnosed with diabetes for more than 35 years now and here I am, I’m still going about, I’m still jumping up and down, I’m still doing many things many people of my age cannot do.

“Since I was diagnosed with diabetes, a number of my friends have died and the reason is that they just did not manage their diabetes the way they should manage it.

“It does not matter whether you are type one or type two, so far there is no cure for diabetes, maybe there will be a cure before I die, but I pray that there will be a cure before you die.

“You have to understand the type of food you should eat, you must completely abstain from sugar. The number of carbohydrates that you take must be watched.

“Don’t miss your drugs, in your own case, your insulin injection, I take my drugs along with me everywhere I go and I always check my blood sugar level regularly.

“Don’t let anybody put fear in your minds, diabetes, has no cure for now, but it can be managed.”

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