PLATEAU KILLINGS|We Will take Action if the Federal Government Doesn’t- Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi

Leader of the Sufi Islamic sect, Tijaniyyah, Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi has called on the Federal Government to bring the killers of his people to justice.

It can be recalled that 25 Fulani people were slaughtered on by some youths, alleged to be Irigwe Youth militia in Plateau.

Sheikh Dahiru Usman OFR is a Nigerian Islamic Scholar. He is among the leaders of the Islamic Sufi group known as the Tijaniyyah in Nigeria.

They were said to be returning from Bauchi, where they had gone for Muharram prayers for peace and Juma’at dhikr organized by Sheikh Bauchi.

Two of their trucks, one laden with cows, was allegedly burnt, while more than fifty escaped, as others sustained different injuries.

But Sheikh Dahiru Usman OFR who is an Islamic Scholar and one of the leaders of the Islamic Sufi group known as the Tijaniyyah told his people not to retaliate, until it is clear what actions the government will take.

“Each time my people are on their way, travelling to deliver the gospel of God, they get attacked and killed in Jos, Plateau State. As a result of this, we will take action now.“We will not forgive and forget. We will not take action that is unacceptable by the Islamic religion,” he said.

Some of the people slaughtered.

“We are calling on the Plateau State governor to pay compensation to those that were killed and those that were injured. The Plateau State government should promise that such will never happen again,” Sheikh Bauchi said.

He enjoined the government to probe the killings, saying that, “we are waiting for government quick intervention and decision. If the government’s decision is not okay by us we will take action by our hands.”

The Plateau youths were said to have carried out the act as retaliation.

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