Delta Man who Wedded 2 Women on Same Day Explains Why

One Mr. Ekpe Akpove, a 34 year old fish farmer from Delta has revealed why he decided to wed two women on the same day.

The wedding has become the talk of social media, since it was announced.

Mr. Akpove narrated how they met, and why he chose to marry them both. He said he loves them equally.

Read the full transcript below:

“I love them both equally and that is why I have decided to get married to them. They both have three children each for me. So, I had to do the right thing and pay their bride price and be married to them legally. My firstborn is 11 years old; fortunately for me, my wives usually give birth within the same period,” he said.

He said he had to cover up his double dating acts.

“At the very beginning. When I started dating the other, I hid it from my first woman because no lady would find out that her partner was having an affair and not feel hurt about it. Eventually, she found out and I didn’t deny it.”

“I told her the truth, and by then I had already rented an apartment for the second (wife) because I was already living together with my first wife, and I wanted to make sure I avoided clashes between them.”

“When my first woman found out about my affair, there was nothing she could do, because she was already pregnant for me. All I had to do was apologise to her, and thank God she forgave me. That was how I was able to make them meet and get to know each other.”

On how he is able to settle disputes between them, he said, “Women will always be women. Thankfully, they don’t get into physical fights, and they usually have arguments which I believe is normal. As the man of the house, I always sort out their differences, and also I have friends who can talk to them and they listen.”

Before now, I had been taking care of them; I will continue the same way I have always been doing. They have been with me for a long time and none of them has ever complained; that means I am doing my best, if not, they would have left me.”

On whether he knows that polygamy is abhorred in Christianity, he retorted:

“I will ask you a question: How many wives did Jacob have? He had two wives. Even Solomon, the wisest king in the Bible, had many wives. I have never seen anywhere in the Bible where it is written that it is a sin to have more than one wife. As long as you can take care of the children and the wives, that is what God wants. I am happy with my family.”

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