Wives Must be Subject to Husbands in Everything- Reno Omokri backs Oyedepo

The outspoken human rights activist and pastor, Reno Omokri took sides with the General Overseer of Living Faith Church International, Bishop David Oyedepo on the often controversial Biblical teaching.

Third wave feminism opposes such hierarchical order as taught in Christianity, as they feel it is misogynistic.

Reno submitted that though it is not necessary to adhere to this as a wife, it was necessary to adhere to it if you are a Christian.

Reno said in a tweet, “I fully align with Bishop Oyedepo’s position that wives are to be subject to husbands in all things. It may not be popular, but it is Scriptural-Eph 5:22. It is not compulsory to abide by this to be a wife. But it is compulsory to abide by this to be a Christian!”

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