Tonto Dikeh explains why She Still wears Waist Trainer Amidst Cosmetic Surgery

Nollywood diva, Tonto Dikeh has come out to update her fans on her cosmetic surgery, as she continues her journey towards attaining her dream of a ‘perfect body.’

The Actress and mother of one posted pictures of herself on Instagram, explaining the procedure and why it is necessary to still wear a waist trainer.

She wrote, “I have laughed a lot lately on the subject that if you do surgery, you shouldn’t use a waist trainer. Listen up people, you need a waist eraser/trainer to follow up on your lipo’s.

“You need your gym to be your best friend too. I am personally too lazy for that, so I opt for non-surgical body enhancement.“Lipo is simply taking fat from one part of your body to another part most lacking. You eat every day so fat gonna grow back, sister.“I have had 2 lipo surgeries and waiting on my third but I stay fit.”

She commended the cosmetic clinic in Abuja and also recommended it to those interested in getting the perfect body.

“The Best Non surgical Body Enhancement Center is in Abuja, and it is called Beautyvillagewellnesslounge..I don’t know about the rest but this is tasted and trusted they help me get my body back each time, I lost 6 inches of fat from my tummy this session and I want more

” I don’t know how they do it but the different stages and equipments are so relaxing yet full of Results. This is a type of cosmetic surgery, It uses laser energy to change the shape and appearance of your body.”

” How many treatments do I need? One is enough to produce results but the practitioners will recommend at least 4. Although you will see a huge difference after just one treatment, for the best possible results it’s recommended you have 4 treatments on each area you want to loose weight from.”


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