THE MESSI EFFECT: PSG Gains over 20m Instagram Followers after Signing Argentine Star

After announcing that Messi had joined PSG, the club’s official Instagram saw a surge in followers.

Before the anouncement, the Paris-based team had 38.7 million followers. At the time of this report, the club now has over 42.7 million followers.

Messi’s move made PSG more popular.

This means that PSG’s followers have increased by a staggering four million people following the Messi signing.

However, the followers actually started growing long before the announcement. As soon as Messi left Barcelona and was linked with the French team, their followers grew dramatically.

In total, the club’s Instagram followers have grown from 19 million to over 42 million in the last week, which is a total increase of 23 million followers.

It’s not just PSG’s followers that increased either, Lionel Messi has gained a significant number of fans on his personal Instagram too.

Messi hopes to win his fifth UEFA Champions League with Paris Saint Germain.

The 34-year-old has always been in the top ten most-followed people on the platform, but he’s just become even more popular.

On the day his transfer to PSG was announced (August 10th), he gained a staggering 2.7 million followers, bringing his total to 247 million.

This means that he actually overtook Kim Kardashian and became the seventh most followed person on Instagram.

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