Lai Mohammed Pins COVID Resurgence on NYSC

The Minister for Information and Culture, Mr. Lai Mohammed has faulted the National Youth Service Corps and its hierarchy for the recent surge in COVID cases.

Mohammed insisted that the NYSC has failed to keep to strict COVID protocols, hence the rapid spread of the new Delta variant.

He also said the rise in the number of cases can also be attributed to the increased testing exercises, noting that more people are now being tested.

Lai said, “Two things are responsible for the high cases of pandemic reported at the National Youth Service Corps camps. One is because of consistent testing that has been taking place in the camps. The second reason for the high cases is that people have actually let down their guards,” Mr Mohammed stated.

“We are no longer obeying non-pharmaceutical interventions such as the washing of hands regularly with soap and water or sanitising of hands when that (washing of hand) is not available.”
“Nigeria is already in the third wave, and this case has been compounded by Delta variant. We have identified the Delta variant in several states in Nigeria also. The Delta variant is about 60 times more potent than the wide COVID II,” explained Mr Mohammed.

“It is very virulent, deadly, and more easily transmissible. It appears that while the normal variant will take about seven days to manifest, the Delta variant manifests within two days of being infected. So, it is a real challenge for us.”

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