Shehu Sani Commends Northern Schools Teaching Students how to Escape Bandits

A former Senator from Kaduna State, Shehu Sani has commended schools in the North that have decided to train their students on how to evade bandits attack.

Banditry and kidnapping of students in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in the North has become a norm and as such, schools are coming up with ways to better secure their lot.

Shehu Sani

Shehu Sani said in a tweet, “Some Primary and Secondary schools in the North have started some drills and training to students; How to run, hide and Climb trees in case of Bandits attacks. This is the situation of things;Read and Run.”

The Federal Government has taken the back seat in the fight against insecurity, while students, staff and parents are often left to negotiate with terrorists anytime they attack.

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