PHOTOS: Messi Tears Up as he Bids Farewell to Barcelona

On Sunday afternoon, Lionel Messi said his goodbyes to his lifelong club, Barcelona, after the club failed to extend his contract.

Messi who came through the famous La Masia set-up delivered an emotional farewell as he shed tears. He however didn’t confirm where his next move would be.

“I was convinced to stay here at Barcelona. This is my home, our home. I wanted to stay at Barcelona and it was the plan, and today I’ve to say goodbye after my entire life here.”

“My new contract was done. All done. I wanted to stay and when I came back from holidays, it was done. … At the last minute with everything with La Liga, it couldn’t happen.”

The forward who has won 35 trophies with the Catalan Giants hinted that he would go to a club where he can win more trophies.

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