Nigerian Streets & Monuments are Named after Thieves, Génocidaires & Perverts- Sowore

Former presidential aspirant, Omoyele Sowore has faulted what he described as Nigeria’s long history of celebrating thieves.

The #RevolutionNow Convener posted a picture of FBI indictee Abba Kyari standing beside a street sign named after him.

He said in the tweet that most monuments in Nigeria are named after people of questionable character.

Abba Kyari on the DCP Abba Kyari Street

He said, “Everywhere you turn in Nigeria, a street had been named after a thief, a boulevard for a coward, an army barrack bequeathed to a murderer, an airport for a Génocidaire, a magnificent building for a judge who perverted justice…When are we toppling these statutes?”

The tweet: https://t.co/s6OeCC78Bj

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