FBI Releases EXCLUSIVE Dossier of Hushpuppi’s Offences & Abba Kyari’s Involvement

A document containing all the criminal offences carried out by Abbas Hushpuppi Ramon, for which he is being tried, have emerged.

The 69-page dossier titled ‘CRIMINAL COMPLAINT BY TELEPHONE OR OTHER RELIABLE ELECTRONIC MEANS,’ reads “United States of America v. RAMON OLORUNWA ABBAS, aka “Ray Hushpuppi,” aka “Hush,” aka “Malik,” ABDULRAHMAN IMRAAN JUMA, aka “Abdul,” aka “Rahman,” VINCENT KELLY CHIBUZO, aka “Kelly,” ABBA ALHAJI KYARI,

DCP Abba Kyari

It contains exclusive images of Hushpuppi and all his accomplices as listed above according to the findings of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

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It further explains how Hushpuppi recruited DCP Abba Kyari to arrest one Vincent Kelly Chibuzo, after a fall-out between Hushpuppi and Kelly.

The FBI document read, “For example, on January 13, 2020, after becoming frustrated with “Kelly Ogudu New,” ABBAS asked him thorough a messaging platform for a
good contact number for him. ‘Kelly Ogudu New’ responded to ABBAS’ request and provided the telephone number +2348078425723. ABBAS then sent this number, and another phone number, to KYARI.”

“Then, on January 20, 2020, KYARI sent ABBAS detailed information relating to CHIBUZO, including CHIBUZO’s full name (VINCENT KELLY CHIBUZO), age at the time (37), place of birth, and address in Abuja.
Additionally, KYARI sent the following photograph of CHIBUZO and wrote, ‘We have arrested the guy. He is in my Cell now.’”

Chibuzo’s picture that Kyari sent to Hushpuppi aka Abbas.

Another person, a lady, named Rukayat Fashola (pictured below), who the FBI alleged is Hushpuppi’s woman, with whom he has a child with.

RUKAYAT MOTUNRAYA FASHOLA has a child for Mr. Hushpuppi

The FBI concluded that, “KYARI, a Deputy Commissioner of the Nigeria Police Force, arranged the arrest of CHIBUZO at the request of ABBAS to prevent CHIBUZO
from interfering in the scheme defrauding the Victim Businessperson. KYARI had
CHIBUZO held in custody for a month and also facilitated payments from ABBAS
to the Nigeria Police Force personnel who arrested CHIBUZO, in order to ensure
CHIBUZO’s continued arrest, thereby preventing CHIBUZO from notifying the
Victim Businessperson of ABBAS’ and JUMA’s fraudulent scheme and
preventing CHIBUZO from hijacking the scheme for his own benefit. KYARI’s
knowing involvement in the scheme allowed ABBAS and JUMA to continue
defrauding the Victim Businessperson undetected and receive money obtained
from the Victim Businessperson after it was laundered.”

On Fashola, the FBI said, “FASHOLA and AGBABIAKA knowingly assisted ABBAS in
receiving money from the Victim Businessperson into bank accounts in the United
States and then laundering the funds received in a variety of ways, including through cash withdrawals, wire transfers, use of illicit money exchangers, and
purchases of items and other things of value.”

The details of the full document are here:

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