VIDEO: Disabled Son of Former Ogun State Governor Describes how he Drives

Gbenga Daniel and his son Debola

The son of former a Governor of Ogun State, Gbenga Daniel has called out a church for suggesting he doesn’t need wheelchair accessibility at their church.

Debola Daniel who lives in the UK claims to be a car lover and even posted a video demonstrating how he manages to drive.

He said, “If you know anything about me, you’d know I love driving. People have asked me over the years how I get into my car myself and how I drive myself. Here’s an answer to the first part. Disability should never be a limitation. Just an invitation to live your truth differently.”

In a tweet he posted on Wednesday, Daniel also sarcastically blasted a church that presumably invited him for a program, but spiritualized everything when he sought to know if the church was wheelchair accessible.

“How can you invite me to your church and when I ask if it’s wheelchair accessible, you say:
‘No, our church is holy ground, as soon as you enter will be healed.’
First of all. How will I enter?”

The video:

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