Bandits are Free Under the Incompetent Leadership of Sleepy Buhari- Steve Hanke

A Professor of Applied Economics at the John’s Hopkins University in Baltimore, Steve Hanke has labelled Nigerian President, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) incompetent and sleepy.

The 78-year-old was commenting on the recent military jet that was allegedly shot down by bandits.

In the tweet, the academician also provided insight into the recent rankings by the Cato Institute that ranks countries based on how safe or secured they are.

Buhari won’t be happy for being called “sleepy”

He said in the tweet, “On the border of the Nigerian state of Kaduna, bandits have shot down a Nigeria air force jet. Nigeria ranks a terrible 161 out of 162 in Security & Safety by @CatoInstitute. Bandits act with impunity under the incompetent leadership of Sleepy Buhari.”

Hanke is an avid critic of Buhari

Hanke is also a Senior Fellow and Director of Troubled Currencies at the Cato Institute.

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