The Islam Practiced in Nigeria Encourages Poverty, Illiteracy & Suffering- Aisha Yesufu

Popular human rights activist, Aisha Yesufu has blasted the Nigerian Muslim faithful for practicing the type of Islam that encourages mediocrity.

UAE’s Skyway with a prototype cable pod on it.

She was commenting on a video made by the CNN about the new and upcoming cable car technology currently being tested in the UAE, as the country aims to maximise available resources for development.

Aisha who is very vociferous on Twitter was implying in the tweet she posted on Wednesday afternoon that while other Islamic states like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are embracing development, Muslims in Nigeria are okay with the type that supports illiteracy, poverty and suffering.

The pod will be driverless.

She said, “The Islam that many in Nigeria practice is the one of Illiteracy, poverty and suffering distribution. They think suffering and blood shedding is how to make paradise!”

The video:

Dubai’s cable cars will be driverless and fully automated to take passengers across long distances in the arid region.

Aisha Yesufu.

The urban transport concept and technology, which is being tested in Sharjah before being marketed on a global scale, aims to cover a 2.8km-stretch from the Sharjah Airport road to the University City road.

Cable cars or pods in the hills of Obudu.

The Obudu Cattle Ranch, now Obudu Mountain Resort in Cross River State once had cable cars, but at some point became dilapidated due to poor maintenance.

The cable cars in Obudu are the longest cable transportation in Africa.

However, the Cross River State Government recently carried out repairs and maintenance of the cable-car at the resort. The project was concluded on 20th June 2020.

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