INJUSTICE: Bandits Who Shot down Military Jet are Celebrated, while Igboho, Kalu rot in Jail

Reactions have continued to trail the arrest of Sunday Igboho, with many Nigerians labelling the arrest as an act of injustice.

The Pro-Oduduwa Republic agitator was arrested alongside his wife in Benin Republic, as reported by Switch Nigeria.

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has been an avid supporter of the faceless bandits.

Nigerians on twitter called the Buhari-led administration as tribalistic.

Ayemo Jubar referred to the pampering hands with which the Federal Government handles Fulani bandits and herdsmen, in comparison to the way they have handled Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho as injustice.

Ayemo said, “Nigeria is truly a pressure cooker of injustice. Nnamdi Kanu, Sunday Igboho.”

Another tweep said, “These are people who brought down a military aircraft,made millions of people homeless,they are being openly rewarded and encouraged…tribalism will be the downfall of Nigeria 🇳🇬.”

Another one said terrorists are celebrated, while patriots are persecuted.

“These is how the govt treats people who shot down a military aircraft
Rubbish 🤬”

Sheikh Gumi believes the bandits deserve amnesty.

Another tweep said it is a wrong idea to keep voting in the same people.

“And some people still want to go out and vote for the same wereys that managed the land of injustices and go with impunity.”

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