Living Faith is “In Order” for Sacking Underperforming Pastors- Reno Omokri

One Pastor Peter Godwin, a pastor with Living Faith Church in Ekiti has allegedly been sacked by the hierarchy of the church.

When contacted, the Pastor said him and forty others were kicked out for failing to grow their respective branches to the standards required of them.

Bishop David Oyedepo

In the letter, the Pastor was asked to vacate the church premises and also handover the Church’s belongings to the Area Pastor.

The letter to Saave Nomor.

In a letter sent to one of the forty pastors, this one, one Pastor Saave Nomor of Living Faith Church, Tse Ashinya, Benue State, he was told that:

“Consequent upon the recent performance reviews which revealed that your church growth index falls below expectations.

“Please be informed that your services as a pastor in charge are no longer required from this commission with immediate effect.

“You are to vacate the official accommodation (where applicable) and hand over all properties of the ministry in your custody, including your staff identity card to the area pastor before departure.

“May you find grace for a new beginning. Peace.”

But while many Nigerians have lashed out on the Church’s decision to sack the pastors for financial shortcomings in an economically turbulent Nigeria, a former Aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan has maintained that Winner’s Chapel’s action is well in order according to teachings by Christ.

He said that the Christian service demands results, and once those results are not forthcoming, the master of that servant has the right to punish or pronounce a curse on them.

Reno Omokri

“In John 15:16, Christ said “I appointed you to bear fruit.”
Christ also said “Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away”-John 15:2.
The only thing Christ cursed in His lifetime is the tree that bore no fruit-Mark 11:14.
Winners Chapel is in order.”

In another separate tweet, he added: “I read the letter from Winners Chapel. it did not mention anything about money. Rather, it used the word ‘church growth’. Christ called us to engage in evangelism-Matthew 28:18-20. A pastor who fails at that should be sacked-Matthew 25:29. Winners Chapel is in order.”

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