I Was Held Down by 2 Women & Raped by the Pastor- 22-year-old Victim Narrates her Ordeal

A 22-year-old girl has narrated how she was held down by two women and raped by a so-called general overseer of a church in Rivers State.

The girl whose name has been withheld by police, Saif she the incident occurred when she went to meet the pastor on his behest, in order to resolve a dispute she had with the pastor’s wife.

She narrated her ordeal, “the pastor told Joy Favor to tell me to come for the resolution of the issues in the compound because I had a quarrel with the pastor’s wife. Joy Favour even told me that the pastor’s wife and other members of the church will be around for the meeting.”

“When I got to the venue, I was told that there was no issue to be resolved, that I must agree with whatever they tell me to do.”

“After that the women held me very tight while the pastor locked the door, increased the volume on the television and switched off the light. Favour and one other woman held me while the pastor raped me.”

“After everything, they now told me that I’m not going out, they brought out a black substance and gave to me that I should swear that whatever happened in the place that day that I should not reveal it to anybody or else I will die and the lives of my sisters will be at risk.”

The Rivers State Police Command has taken over the case and has been asked by Centre for Basic Rights Protection and Accountability the to conduct a thorough investigation into the crime, The spokesman of the Rivers State Police Command, Nnamdi Omoni, confirmed.

The alleged rape was unravelled after the incident was reported to the police by a civil rights group, Centre for Basic Rights Protection and Accountability.

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