I Know Those Sponsoring Banditry & Kidnapping in Bauchi, Will Expose them Soon- Bala Mohammed

The Governor of the Northeastern State of Bauchi, Bala Mohammed has said that he knows the elite sponsoring banditry and kidnapping in the country.

Bala made this known on Tuesday during an event in Darazo Local Government Area, where he shared N75m to starter-up businesses.

Bala Mohammed

He said: “I want our people to always be together, we should eschew rumour and rumour mongering, hatred, treachery and mischief. Don’t listen to the Abuja politicians who have nothing to offer other than to pull down Bala Mohammed.”

“By the grace of God, I have become governor with or without them and of course, I will live my time allotted to me by Allah. I may go for second term, I may not even live to that time; I may go for the presidency, there is nothing they can do. I know of what they are doing.”

“Those Abuja politicians are not doing anything to us other than bringing mischief. I know some leaders of the state who are busy bringing criminals to the state. I will talk when the time comes. We’ll prove tough but certainly, we are not afraid of them.

Palace of the Emir of Bauchi

“You’ve seen what is manifesting on Bauchi of recent, criminality everywhere, kidnapping and stealing, it is not just like that. We’ve security reports and we know those behind that.”

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