Nigerians Cry Foul as Nigerian Navy Releases Recruitment List Made up of All Northerners [LIST]

Some concerned Nigerians took to social media to express their disdain at the Nigerian Navy’s decision to shortlist only core Northerners in this year’s recruitment exercise.Suffice to say there is no female on the whole list. In the list that contains 44 names, all are from the core North and made up of only men.In a country as ethnically diverse like Nigeria, this borders more on nepotism and tribalism than on federal character, like it should be.The development has caused Nigerians to criticise the Federal Government, with some labelling the decision as spelling doom for the people.A tweep known as WokeSlayer said, “Even the military that had remained the only federal institution that was hitherto devoid of ethno-religious bias has now caught the Boohoo’ri Fulani Jihadist supremacy bug. We are doomed.”The list:One Mr. Augustine Edobor said, “Navy?
They’re after the Waterways and Sea access, can’t see that? Well, that’s why we’re where we’re now, until bottom’s out, some don’t get it, till it’s too late to WHINE.”Chisom said, “They didn’t even take their political children, the MBelters along. Core North, Strictly Muslim and Male. No pretences.”Another, known as Kingsley said, “This is not quota system, it is nepotism. Quota system guarantees equity even when the other region falls behind in qualifications.
Somebody should sue for this. May be we should organize ourselves together to make our reps listen to us.”Yet another added, “Wickedness, pure wickedness. How are we sure this are not the bokoharam members they claimed they rehabilitated?”

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