WATCH Ghanaian Pastor Prophesy England will Beat Italy, Only for the Opposite to Happen

On Sunday, during a worship service at Glorious Wave Church International, the Head Pastor of the Ghanaian Church, Prophet Badu Kobi predicted that England would defeat Italy in the Euro 2020 Final.

Prophet Badu Kobi is the Founder of Glorious Wave Church International, Ghana.

But when the game started later in the evening on Sunday, England went on to lose on penalties as Italy went home with glory.

Ghana is known for having so many false pastors, who do more to rip-off their listeners and lead them astray than to shepherd their lives.

England lost the penalty shoot-out.

This botched prediction by Prophet Kobi is one of many, haven prophesied that Trump would defeat Biden, only for the opposite to happen.

He has in the past made several other predictions on political issues, home and abroad, most of which have failed to materialise.

The video:

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