British/Nigerian Medical Doctor Has his Medical License Withdrawn For False Racial Allegations

A British/Nigerian medical doctor has had his medical license withdrawn for making false racial accusations against the family of his former patient.

Robert Jenyo

Dr. Robert Jenyo admitted falsely accusing the son of his former patient of racism in order to save his medical career.

He had claimed he was called a f**king n****r and was asked to pack up and leave for white doctors.

The doctor is said to have failed to properly diagnose cancerous shoulder and back pains in his victim’s father, who later died.

After been barred from medical practice, Mr. Jenyo lunched an appeal against his suspension. During testimony, the doctor admitted concocting racial allegations against the deceased son in order to throw off the investigations.

Even though, he apologized, his appeal was ultimately rejected after it emerged he had not to apologize privately to his victim.

‘I had been under pressure at work and was stressed and I was trying to cover up things.

‘When the complaint came in, I did not want the details of this case to come out and suggest to patients, my colleagues and to the public I am a bad doctor.

‘At the time, a high workload was making him tired and stressed but I now realise the impact my actions have had on Patient A and his family and I regret what happened.’  

The family of the deceased later sued the doctor and was awarded £30,000 in medical malpractice compensation.

The tribunal judge Lee Davies ultimately decided that Dr. Jenyo shouldn’t have his licence restored, for failing to show enough remorse.

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