2023: Miyetti Allah Accuses Southern Governors of being Power Hungry

The Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore have accused Southern Governors for being power hungry.

According to the Pro-Fulani sociocultural group, the resolution by the Southern Governors demanding the post of president to be zoned to the South shows they are power mongers.

They also condemned the anti-grazing laws passed by Southern States, as contained in comments made by the Group’s Secretary, Saleh Alhassan.

He said, “For herders, it doesn’t matter where the president comes from but if they want the power to move to the South, should it be through blackmail? It should be by negotiation, campaign, and strategy as well as political understanding. And mind you, this thing is based on numerical strength.

“If Southern governors want to blackmail the North, they may not get the presidency. They are only hungry for power with the direction they are going.”

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