Former South African President, Jacob Zuma Begins Prison Term

Former South African President, Jacob Zuma has been sentenced to prison for corruption charges.

The 79-year-old Zuma had been evading arrest as the Nation’s Constitutional Court sought to bring him before a panel of inquiry to answer for charges of corruption during his 9-year term in office, which began in 2009-2018.

Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma handed himself over to the police

His jail term commenced on Thursday after months of South African veterans supporting him and defending him from arrest. Many of them stood guard against Government law enforcement officers outside his Nkandla residence.

He has been remanded in Estcourt Correctional Centre in KwaZulu-Natal where he will serve a 15-month prison term for disobeying Court summons.

His reason for refusing to turn up for questioning centred on the legitimacy of the panel of inquiry that was setup to look into the corruption charges that were brought against him. He had insisted he would rather go to prison than appear before the panel.

Zuma becomes the first ex South African President to ever go to jail.

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