Corp members must be trained to defend themselves since Nigeria can’t defend citizens- Governor Ishaku

  • Insurgents are sponsored
  • Nigeria’s Security can arrest someone outside the country but can’t protect farmers

Taraba State Governor, Mr. Darius Ishaku has called on the concerned bodies to draft National Youth Service Corps for the fight against insecurity in the country.

Ishaku, an architect, whose State has so often been affected by the general insurgency in the Northeast said this on Wednesday night, while answering questions on a Channels Television’s program.

The 66-year-old Governor said the corp member’s duration of service should be increased to two years, during which relevant military training must be given them to better prepare them for self defence.

The governor said, “When the security can’t protect you, then something in the alternative must come in, we must be practical. Train people, give them practical induction, let them know what to do.”

“The NYSC I will say should be two years. One year for compulsory military training and the other year for the social works that they are doing now so that anybody who graduates as an NYSC person can know how to handle the gun and defend himself just as it is done in Israel, Lebanon and other places, you must engage your citizens to be proactive. When you cannot provide security, you must allow the people to protect themselves.”

He also re-echoed the common sentiment held by most Nigerians that banditry and insurgency in the country is sponsored.

“There are sponsors, these are brand new AK-47s. How would a local man buy such an expensive weapon? It is in a video and all over the place where someone confessed that the guns were being given to them and they were being trained on how to use them. It is the work of the security agents to get to the roots of this.”

“If they can go out of this country and capture somebody who is declaring independence, why is it impossible for them to defend our people who are being killed in the farms?” Ishaku queried.

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