Politicians use religious leaders to keep Nigerians subdued- Aisha Yesufu

Human rights activist, Aisha Yesufu has criticised religious leaders for allowing themselves to be used in subduing the Nigerian populace.

The 47-year-old made this known on her official twitter handle on Sunday afternoon.

She maintained that without the support of the religious leaders, the political leaders would not have been able to oppress the masses this much.

She said, “Without the support of the religious rulers, the political rulers cannot wax so strongly with impunity. The political rulers use the religious rulers to keep the masses subdued.
In Nigeria they have perfected it.”

There is little or no separation of religion from state affairs in Nigeria, particularly in Northern Nigeria, where illiteracy level is very high. The only civility most people in those parts know is learned from religious teachings, making them easier to manipulate.

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