LAGOS RALLY: Mother of slain teenager mourns her daughter, requests for lawyer

The mother of the slain 14-year-old, who was allegedly shot dead by stray bullets in Ojota on Saturday, during a peaceful Pro-Oduduwa Republic protest, has stated her daughter was just an apprentice at an ice cream shop.

Mrs. Ifeoluwa Oyeleke, the mother of the late Monsurat Jumoke Oyeleke said this while she visited the police station with her brother to claim the remains of her daughter.

She added that while ther were there, the police threatened to shoot them in the leg, if they persisted.

Jumoke’s tummy was ruptured from the bullet wounds

“They’ve not released her corpse to us. I and my brother, under last night’s rain, got there, but were not allowed in. We heard them saying that if we stayed too long, they will shoot our legs and fire a teargas canister at us. She usually sat in the shop and never hawked.”

“She had three siblings who are all girls. Her dad is dead. Jumoke was a good girl who hardly got annoyed; she was hard working. Anyone who can rise to our defence should please do,” she pleaded.

She told newsmen how she got to know about her daughter’s death.

“I got a call while I was in Ikeja where I had gone to work. When I asked to know what it was about, I was told that there was no issue but that my presence was needed at home.”

“It was when I got home that I learnt of what had happened. I was told that the bullet shot by the police killed my daughter.”

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