People Collapsing in Baltimore as temperatures hit 100°F

Residents of Baltimore, Maryland are going through a lot of weather-related discomfort, after temperatures skyrocketed to over 80°F on Monday.

Baltimore often experiences heat waves during this time of the year.

As a result, cooling centres have began to spring up in the region, even as people are beginning to adjust to the adverse weather.

Medical experts advised that people should always try to stay under the shade and always try to hydrate as much as possible. Consequently, swimming pools and water bodies have become favourite hangout spots for residents.

A medical expert, Dr. Angela Watkins who is the Chairman at the Emergency Ward of the Northwest Hospital noted that symptoms of heat exhaustion could range from light-headedness, dizziness, nausea, excessive sweating, generalised weakness and vomiting.

She added that the severity of the condition will be more in those who have underlying medical conditions. Similarly, the aged and young are also more prone to being affected due to a weak immune system.

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