Buhari can find Nnamdi Kanu far away, but can’t find bandits and terrorists in his backyard

Following the re-arrest of the runaway leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, Nigerians have continued to lash out on the President and what many have described as misplaced priority.

For years, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who started IPOB has been on the run after the Federal Government under Muhammadu Buhari declared him wanted. Kanu and his pro-Biafra Group has been agitating for secession for years now, due to marginalisation of the Igbo people, amongst other things.

He has since 2017 being taking refuge in the UK and Israel.

But on Tuesday, news emerged that he has been re-arrested and will now stand trial.

One Sam Daniel said on Twitter, “Let him use his language on bandits, boko-haram sects then we can fully relate.”

Ahmad Bashir, Buhari’s Media Aide said that, “the body language is now so clear for everyone to see.”

Another known as Devereaux said, “Buhari has not been able to find terrorists, killer Fulani herdsmen and bandits in Nigeria’s backyard but is capable of finding Nnamdi Kanu in far-away country. It is more of misplaced priority than any body language, as his stooges claim.”

Olu Daniel also countered Bashir, saying “So his language is only meant for people that want to gain independent out of Nigeria not to Boko Haram and other terrorists threatening the peace of Nigeria… wow.”

Nnamdi Kanu will be arraigned before a Nigerian High Court upon his repatriation and tried for crimes bordering on treason.

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