The Decay of the West continues, as 43-year-old man set to Compete in women’s Olympic Sports

The West, the people once considered advanced and civilised, the very people who ‘brought civilization’ to Africa, the very people who called Africans backward for being at home with polygamy is now speedily degenerating into primitive lifestyles, that are alien even amongst lower animals.

If this is not the case, how can anyone possibly think that a man can compete in a woman’s sport and vice versa, without consequences?

Well, if you have ever being in doubt as to the extent of the decay in the West, look no further than New Zealand’s first ever man to compete in women’s sports. His name is Laurel Hubbard.

Women don’t go bald, or barely do but with Mr. Hubbard here, he will soon go bald.

Laurel Hubbard competed in the male weight lifting category from 1999 to 2012 and never won a single medal, neither did he qualify for any tournament. But things changed for the now 43 year old man in 2013, when he decided that he self identified as a woman and immediately began hormone therapy.

Fast forward to 2019 when he qualified for his first ever tournament, the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, which were postponed due to COVID, but are now set to begin in 2021.

Hubbard only had to take female hormones to suppress his male hormone levels to be accepted as a woman, while real women had to train hard for a sport they now stand no chance of winning.

The hierarchy at the Olympics has a rule that allows male athletes who possess testosterone (the major male hormone) lower than the levels stipulated as too much to compete in women’s sports.

Therefore, Hubbard who is literally a giant, has broad shoulders like a man, and has a hairline like a man is now eligible to represent the country he wasn’t able to represent for 12 solid years while competing with fellow men because he was just nor good enough.

And so, even at the age of 43, when he should normally be outwitted by his fellow men if he was still in the men’s sports, he is still able to beat women half his age because even though he feels he is a woman, the biological of having superior muscle mass, bigger lungs and chest cavity and overall strength cannot be suppressed.

Hubbard feels like a woman so he wants the whole world to accept that.

For clarity, testosterone is just a steroid hormone produced primarily in the testes of the male; it is responsible for the development of secondary sex characteristics in the male.

What this means is that a biological female can never beat Hubbard in weight lifting.

When interviewed, Save Women’s Sport Australasia Co-Founder Katherine Deves said, “bodies play sport, not identities. By opening up the female category to any male who identifies as a woman, is putting women at a massive disadvantage because we know men outperform women on pretty much every single metric.”

Hubbard’s fortunes as a weight lifter changed after he started competing in female sports. Since then he has been wining medals that rightly belong to women.

“Everything from speed, to strength, to stamina, and reducing testosterone, and making a declaration does not mitigate those advantages. Women are not a hormone level, women are a sex category. Women have had to fight long and hard for their sports category and therefore it should remain reserved for biological women while the men’s category could remain open.”

“They’re prioritising inclusion unilaterally as the primary principle… they’re ignoring fair competition and when this is applied to contact and collision sports, they’re completely ignoring the risk of injury and increased risk of concussion,” she said.

Caster Semenya

Remember when they had to conduct a sex or gender test on South African Olympic gold medalist, Caster Semenya for allegedly being too manly for a woman? Well, today the 30-year-old lesbian will be considered a hero.

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