God will not Collect Money from those Living in Sin- W. F Kumuyi

Pastor William F. Kumuyi, the founder of the Deeper Christian Life Church has said he won’t take tithes and donations from some of his church members.

The octogenarian said this on Friday while addressing members of his church on the theme of holiness in Lagos.

He maintained that God doesn’t take offerings from sinners because he finds such as an abomination. And that as his servant, he won’t take offerings and tithes from such people.

He charged those living in sin to desist and embrace a life of holiness.

“If you are a sinner here, God does not need your money. All the money you are giving in this church does not get to God. You are just wasting your money.”

“As a matter of fact if I know the numbers of sinners here and how much they gave as tithes and offering I will remove it and give it back to them. God does not need it and the church does not need it,” Kumuyi said.

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