MURIC WRITES NASS to Undo British ‘christianization’ of Nigeria, Claims Islam has been Around since 11th Century

  • Group Hoping Changes will be Made to the 1999 Constitution that Best Represent the Plight of Nigerian Muslims

The Islamic group, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has beckoned on the National Assembly to remove Christian elements from the Nigerian Constitution.

In a letter signed and delivered to the National Assembly on the occasion of the second anniversary of the 9th Senate, the MURIC said most policies in the country favour Christians.

The statement maintained that this wasn’t correct, because Islam has been in Nigeria since the 11th Century, long before the British brought Christianity.

The Director of MURIC, Prof. Ishaq Akintola who issued the statement, said it was about time the British ‘christianization’ of Nigeria was undone and Muslims shown some favours also.

“British colonial masters who were essentially Christians came in the 19th century (1842) and subjected the Muslims to an environment which is totally alien to their faith”, he asserted.
“The British designed army, police, paramilitary and school uniforms which suited adherents of the Christian faith and forced it on the Muslim population. Ditto for the nation’s common law which, of course, is Christian law.

“The present uniforms used by the army, police and other paramilitary bodies do not allow the use of hijab. They are therefore an exclusive preserve of Christian women with its economic disadvantage to Muslims,” he said.

“This has resulted in a Christian-only female soldiers, policemen, customs, traffic wardens, etc. It rendered female Muslims jobless.”

In addition, the MURIC wants the Constitution Review Committee to modify uniforms for the military, lawyers, nurses and doctors to reflect dress codes that reflect Muslims. By this, he meant the wearing of hijab.

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