Herbalist Explains how he Killed a Boy & Distributed Body Parts to Pastor, Others in Osun

An elderly man, Gbadamosi Adewunmi has described how he shot and killed a boy before sharing his body parts amongst his friends.

The suspects, Adewunmi and friends, who were arraigned in Osogbo, Osun State Capital, spoke to newsmen, all delivering their versions of the story.

According to Adewunmi, a self-styled herbalist, the boy known as Kehinde was caught trying to scale the fence of a house he guards. But when he refused to answer his questions, he shot and killed him.

“The boy scaled the fence of a building I watched as night guard and I caught. He said his name is Kehinde when I interrogated him. However, he attempted to run away and I shot him.

“After shooting him, I became scary, so, I decided to severe his body and threw some of it inside Okpokpo stream on Osogbo, while I gave the head to a Pastor, whom I know through a friend because he said he needed a globe, (human eyes).

The Suspects

“I also gave a flesh to another friend of mine, who is a vehicle electrician. I don’t have any need for the rest of the body, I just kept it in my office, at Kajola, where I attend to those seeking spiritual help.”

“No one knew that I shot or killed the boy, I severed the body to evade arrest. I still have in my custody, the two hands and legs of the deceased”, he said.

However, when quizzed, the Pastor in question, Olagunju Adetunji, who is of Cherubim and Seraphim Church at Kajola denied receiving any human part from Mr. Adewunmi.
“It is true, he came to my Church about thirteen days ago, seeking spiritual assistance, but he did not come back till I met him here today. I did not receive any human head from him. I do attend to customers seeking spiritual help, I help them with the charms, black soap and other dead animals confiscated from my church by the police”, he claimed.

The Commissioner of Police of Osun State, Olawale Olokode

On his part, the accused electrician, Akeem Saka said he was given a dried human body part by the herbalist.

“I went to him (herbalist) for consultation over my business, but he charged me N1200 and he gave me human flesh, I took it from him to avoid being killed if I refuse, hence, I took it and kept it in a white bowl at my workshop.”

“I did not follow the herbalist to the pastor to deliver human head to him, I was not involved in the killing of the boy. I only went to him for assistance but he gave me human flesh to keep”, he said.

The Commissioner of Police, Olawale Olokode told newsmen that the culprit and his accomplices will be further investigated and duly prosecuted.

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