Circumstances Caused them to Turn to Banditry- Sheikh Gumi

Popular Islamic Cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has said that it is circumstances that drove the rampaging bandits that have been oppressing North Eastern Nigeria into banditry.

The Cleric said this on Tuesday morning, insisting that the bandits are tired and now want peace.

He added that if they could find someone to partner with, they will quit their ways.
When asked if bandits were tired, Gumi said: “Yes, it’s very true because bandits are saying they were pushed into banditry by circumstances.

Gumi flanked by a faceless bandit

“If they have a genuine partner, they are ready to stop it; they are tired and want peace.

“As regards their ongoing activities, you realize that even when soldiers are fighting and a ceasefire is declared, it takes a long time before they stop fighting.

“We are able to see about 80 per cent of the big ones and then some small splinter groups which we could not meet because due to circumstances as we cannot go into the bush again.

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