Nigeria to Hit 11, 000MW Electricity Generation by 2022- FG

The Federal Government has said it is working on increasing power generation by next year.

At the moment, Nigeria generates about 4000-5000 megawatts of electricity, but with the new development, it plans on ramping it up to 11, 000 come 2022.

In contrast, South Africa with a population of just over 59 million people generates over 58, 000 megawatts of electricity.

Ghana with just over 30 million inhabitants gets about 25% of its power supply through gas from Nigeria, which flows through the pipeline via Benin, and Togo also receives 120 million standard cubic feet of gas daily from Nigeria. Ghana recently celebrated one year of uninterrupted power supply.

Nigeria had in 2019, signed the implementation of a roadmap geared towards resolving existing challenges in the power sector and expanding capacity for future power needs in Nigeria.

An official with the Federal Ministry of Power said the ministry was currently implementing recommendations contained in the Siemens deal, when asked about electricity generation in the country.

“The Siemens roadmap is the plan which the government intends to follow through to achieve the 25 gigawatts power generation target,” the Special Assistant on Media and Communications to the Minister of Power, Aaron Artimas, said.

He added, “It is in three phases. The first phase is meant to deliver 7,000MW at least by this year. By 2022, we target 11, 000MW and thereafter the 25,000MW.”

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