BUHARI @ 6: Nigerians Slate Lai Mohammed for Praising Buhari

On Tuesday, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the Minister for Information and Culture rolled out the drums to commend President Muhammadu Buhari’s six years in office.

The Minister from Kwara State mentioned somethings that the current administration has done over the course of one and half tenures, noting that his Principal is better than all the heads of state Nigeria has had before.

However, his comments didn’t sit well with Nigerians as he would have liked. Many hit out on him for lying and for trying to paint the President in good light.

Nigerians on twitter had their say:

“Yes, successfully dividing Nigeria into ethnic & religious lines.
Introduce 100% bigotry & nepotism.
Destroyed economy.
Succeeding in carrying out ethnic cleansing in the SE, which is a step for jihad…no Nigeria president has ever done 25% of the destruction ur Buhari has done,” Emma Kabuo said.

Victor Charles said, “I concur!
1)Headquarters of world poverty
2) rampant genocide
3) highest auto crash in the history
4) 1st,2nd recession
5) C-in-C on his knees begging bandicts
6) world best traveler
7) best medical tourist
8) 50% unemployment rate
9) country with highest buyers of casket.”

Another, Elijah wrote, “U damn right!
No Nigerian President has been a terrorist before
No 🇳🇬 President has appointed only terrorists as is Cabinet
No 🇳🇬 President has murdered very fine peaceful protesters in cold blood
No 🇳🇬 President has looted dis much
No Nigerian President divided d nation lik dis.”

Lai hosted a live press conference, a rarity, to divulge the administration’s success story.

Another labeled Nigeria a failed state, even as he quoted John Campbell.

“Nigeria has since moved from being a weak state to ‘a fully failed state,’ having manifested all the signs of a failed country, including the inability of government to protect the citizens, large scale violence and festering insurgency. – John Campbell, US Ambassador to Nigeria.”

Another user accused the President of nepotism and terrorism.

“You are right, he has destroyed the unity, love and Federalism, fixed hausa-fulanis on every position, region, resources, command and killed uncountable Nigerians… so you are telling the truth!”

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