ESN and IPOB Responsible for Benue Massacre, Not Fulani Herdsmen- Adamu Garba

A former Senator from Yobe State, Mr. Adamu Garba has blamed Thursday’s genocide on a Katsina-Ala Community on Eastern Security Network and not on Fulani herdsmen like many people are saying.

The 68-year-old Garba said this on Friday on his Twitter handle. He noted that Benue people are some of the more hospitable people in Nigeria and as such, it is difficult to digest what they are going through.

He also made it clear that Benue lands are very fertile, too fertile and therefore very useful to the Nigerian course for any serious thinking person to want to kill their people.

He called down god’s wrath on the perpetrators, whom he said are a mix of IPOB and ESN. But what he did not say is how ESN and IPOB will leave Enugu, the closest Igbo State to Benue, pass through more than 10 Local Governments to go and kill, just to blame it on herders, without anyone noticing them.


Garba said, “Certain intelligence report indicated some IPOB frontier ESN have been tormenting & killing hospitable people of Benue making #BenueUnderAttack looks like it is the works of herdsmen. We don’t know the facts yet.
May God send his wrath to those who killed these innocent people.”

“I love Benue and Benue is the pride of Nigeria, hosting one of the major River in Africa and filled with a lot of fertile land for cultivating all kinds of fruits & feed. There’s no state in Nigeria that is as hospitable as Benue. It’s disheartening to see what is happening there.”

“Remember, few days back, the same IPOB Frontier ESN were responsible for killing of several Nigerian soldiers in Benue. Nigerian Security forces should prepare an efficient counterterrorism effort and push back against all manner of terrorism in Nigeria.”

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