Fulani Attack on Benue Community Claims over 36 Lives

Social media has been awash with pictures of 36 corpses allegedly of students of College of Education Katsina-Ala, who were massacred by Fulani herdsmen.

According to reports, the killings took place in Shikaan Mbagena Kpav, a community in the Local Government bounding Taraba State.

Nigerians have lamented over the spate of violence being perpetrated by Fulani marauders, with many calling it ethnic cleansing.

“When Israel and Palestine were at war for about eight days, the world was alarmed and everybody was shouting but in Nigeria, serious genocide is ongoing against Christians in total blackout of the press, in Benue today this is what fulani herdsmen killed over 100 people, the world is quiet,” Terhemen Tsepav said.

“I write this in Tears, Pain and Anguish. I have a few questions that deserve answers: What have the TIV people done? What have our ancestors done wrong that we haven’t been told to at least beg for forgiveness on their behalf? Pls Retweet to the World to see.”

Tsepav continued, “If you see these pictures about the Genocide on going in Benue State and you are not scared or worried then you are not human. Retweet for the world to know about this ugly work done by Fulani herdsmen.”

“Don’t say it is happening in Benue and it doesn’t concern you, when they are done with Benue they will have free access to the south. Lend your voice now!!! #BenueUnderAttack.”

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