The 1999 Constitution Needs a Total Overhaul, not a Review, it is Unitary, not Federalist- Afenifere

Afenifere has labelled the ongoing move to review the 1999 Constitution as an exercise in futility.

The socio-political group said this through its Secretary-General, Chief Sola Ebiseni, who spoke in Akure on Thursday.

He revealed why the Group declined from turning in any memorandum after the public hearing on the constitution review came to an end on Wednesday.

The former commissioner in the state said that “Afenifere believes in and advocates fundamental restructuring of Nigeria for the reinvention of a federal constitution as the agreed principles of governing Nigeria and its diverse ethnic nationalities by our founding fathers, which will ultimately replace the imposed 1999 unitary constitution. Amending the constitution is an exercise in futility and a waste of time and public fund.”

Chief Sola Ebiseni is the Secretary of Afenifere

“We cannot claim to be a federal Republic and be governed by a unitary constitution. We cannot claim to be in a democracy and be governed by a constitution that does not emanate by the people. Amendment will not cure the anomalies. You cannot put something on anything and expect it to stand.”

“Every session of the two arms of the National Assembly, since 2007, has embarked on the same jamboree of constitutional amendment spending public funds on public hearings, without any result.”

“The National Assembly is part of the issue to be determined in the process of restructuring and cannot legitimately be the judge in such exercise,”
Ebiseni said that.

“This is evident from the condemnation of the declarations of the Southern Governors in support of restructuring by both the Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives while the Committees, as agents of the National Assembly, were gallivanting around the country. From nothing, nothing comes. Ex nihilo nihil fit.”

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