Insurgency has Reduced Since Buhari Came in 2015- Fayemi

The Governor of Ekiti, Mr. Kayode Fayemi has lauded the achievements of President Muhammadu Buhari, stating that the spate of insurgency in the country has reduced since his emergence in 2015.

He said this at the 2021 edition of The Platform in Lagos on Saturday.

Fayemi who is also the Chairman of the Nigerian Governor’s Forum went on to admit that though there is insecurity everywhere, the ruling party can do more to protect lives.

When asked by Oyemade to score the APC government on a scale of 1 to 10, Fayemi initially declined, saying, “You cannot be judge and jury in your own case”.

But Oyemade pressed, “I will answer you back because you are coming from the Anglican Communion where you spoke to them as a Christian. When God created heaven, he judged it and said it is good. So, you should be able to evaluate and judge.”

Fayemi then reluctantly took up the challenge and said, “Yes, I was involved, I was Director of Policy and Research for the APC in our presidential campaign in 2015, the original one; not in 2019, by 2019, I was in Ekiti, I was just a foot soldier in the campaign then. In 2015, we promised many things but with the greatest respect, I think the most attractive promise that people bought into that we made was integrity.”

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