“Do Your Part to Keep Nigeria One, Don’t Loose Hope,” Obaseki Tells Youths

Mr. Godwin Obaseki, the Governor of Edo State has enjoined Nigerian youths to exercise more faith in the country.

Obaseki who recently got reelected for second term, was speaking on Friday, at a dinner gala organised for Team Edo, who participated in the just concluded National Sports Festival.

“This event was significant at this time in the history of Nigeria as we need to give our youths hope with events like the sports festival to unify the nation at this trying times.

“Don’t despair, don’t be discouraged or disturbed following the challenges we are facing as a nation but just have hope, do your bit to keep Nigeria one. That is the spirit behind the sports festival.”

He also praised the representatives of the State for making Edo people proud.

“Our athletes did well. They were not caught with drugs or caught doping. They did their best and won their medals without being involved in drugs. Our youths were well behaved throughout the competition.”

“The spirit of the National Sports Festival was born in this city after the Civil war as our leaders thought it wise to use the game to unite the nation.”

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