Methodist Church Nigeria to Cut from World Body if Gay Union is Upheld

The Nigerian branch of the Methodist Church has warned that it would disconnect from the world body of the church if it continues to endorse gay marriage.

Bishop John Wesley Yohanna of the United Methodist Church of Nigeria (UMCN) who stated this in Jalingo, added that this action will be further buttressed if they also endorse the ordination of gay priests at the 2022 General Conference.

The Bishop noted that it is incoherent to claim to be one church yet preach different views of marriage.

Bishop John Wesley Yohanna.

Since 1972, there has been a debate on whether the church should embrace liberal theology and endorse gay unions. And for 48 years, most of the votes have aligned more with traditional teachings, sidelining liberalism in the process.

“It is not possible to be a global United Methodist Church that teaches and practices sex orientation differently in America and in Africa.”

“If the plan succeeds at the General Conference come 2022, we will not be part of UMC that will change the language of the Book of Discipline to accommodate same-sex marriage.”

“Our loyalty is with Jesus Christ. In case the plan succeeds, some of us who truly believe in traditional and evangelical Bible teachings while maintaining African values and ethics will cease to be part of the Church,’’ he said.”


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