Burkina Faso’s Military Forces Kill 11 Terrorists, as War against Insurgency Hits Up

Reports coming out of Burkina Faso have confirmed that the country’s military have killed no fewer than 11 terrorists in the war torn northern part of the country.
The ground and air operation was launched “in the forest of Bangao and in the areas of Tasmakat, Fourkoussou and Bidy in Oudalan province on February 23 and 24,” the armed forces in a statement.

“The toll was 11 terrorists neutralised and one captured,” the statement said, adding that there were no military losses.”

The military also seized weapons, ammunition, and transport and communications equipment.

“Following recent recurring attacks against the civilian population in Oudalan province, the national armed forces planned and carried out search operations to find the terrorists and secure the population,” the statement added.

The West African country, one of the poorest in the world, has been plagued with years of insurgency that began in 2015, after it made in-roads into the country from neighbouring Mali, where it started in 2012.

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