PDP is Happy with Governor Ikpeazu- Abia State PDP Chairman

The Abia State branch of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has commended Governor Okezie Ikpeazu’s administration for the steps taken to put Abia State in the limelight.

This commendation came from the State Chairman of the PDP, Rt. Hon Asiforo Okere, who noted that Mr. Ikpeazu has made major developmental progress in the last six years of his administration.

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He made this statement while attending to newsmen in Umuahia on Wednesday.

“My party has no regret putting him forward as governorship candidate in 2015 and 19 respectively where he won the elections overwhelmingly. We in the PDP are very proud of him, if we have another opportunity to present him to Abians and to Nigerians, we would not fail to do that.”

He said, “The party is actually very proud of the Governor with his developmental strides, not just on infrastructure, even on human capital development and every sphere of life. The Governor’s style is unique. Most Governors do very well in the first tenure and in their second tenure, they slow down or even vanish but the Governor, coming to his second tenure has decided to step up the tempo and on daily basis, he initiates projects, he inspects projects and commissions the completed ones.”

“If one studies the Governor’s five pillars of development and their enablers, the small scale businesses and industries ranks number one, and that is what Aba represents. Abians are known for doing things on our own, all manner of Artisanship and trading. The Governor has capitalized on this to deepen development, and taken our people to another level.”

Rt. Hon Asiforo Okere, the Abia State PDP Chairman.

Continuing, the PDP Chairman added, “the Governor has done well to stabilize the polity, not just the PDP, the State is not polarized. Politicians can visit themselves, the Governor relates with everybody and that is what has been misconstrued, where people would say that the Governor wants to leave PDP to join another party. He is only expressing his leadership role as the leader of the State.”

“The relationship between the Governor, who is the leader of the party in the State and the party men is cordial. We, in the party, are working hand in glove with him to ensure there is unity and harmony in the party.”

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