Nigerians Believe the Federal Government is Protecting Killer Herdsmen- Lagos Archbishop

Most Reverend Alfred Martins, the Catholic Archbishop of Lagos Diocese has called on the Federal Government to address the criminal activities of Fulani herdsmen in the country by calling them to order.

The Archbishop who was speaking at the inauguration of the Mission House, Catholic Church of Resurrection, Magodo, Lagos, hinted that most Nigerians believe that the Federal Government protects the Fulani herdsmen.

He said, “The government needs to stop impunity. There are people who commit crimes, whoever they may be, they should be apprehended and brought to book. The fact that the government has not done that; that is why people operate with impunity. These rogue herdsmen occupy the forest areas, they just do whatever they like and because nobody seems to care.”

Archbishop Martins Adewale Alfred.

“The impression that is left in the minds of people is that the criminals are being protected. For what reason they are being protected, it is difficult to know’, but when you see people occupying other peoples’ land and ensuring that those people cannot use their land in peace, killing, raping and destroying properties, naturally the impression is that they are being protected.”

“We hope the new service chiefs will take seriously their primary task of ensuring security all over the country. There is no part of the country that is free at this point, and so we hope that the new security chiefs will do their work and justify the position they have been given.”

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