South African Military Amends Dressing Policy to Allow Wearing of Hijab

South African Muslim women soldiers have been given the greenlight to start wearing hijab underneath their uniform.

This was part of a policy review that was amended this week, after the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) took more than two years to heed to an earlier court ruling in favour of wearing of hijab.

In June 2018, Major Fatima Isaacs was charged to court for wilfully refusing to obey a direct by her superior, demanding her order to remove her hijab anytime she was in uniform.

However, in January of 2020, a military court at the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town, overruled such an order, thereby allowing Major Fatima, and all Muslim women the freedom to wear a headcover, with the caveat that the ears must always remain uncovered.

Still, it was gathered that the South African Military still defiled the court order, forcing Major Isaacs to take up the case with the South African equality court.

Finally, things went Major Isaacs’ way after the SANDF amended its policy on dressing.

“The SANDF dress regulation was updated to allow the wearing of headscarves by Muslim (women) according to stipulations in the dress regulations,” spokesman Mafi Mgobozi told AFP via WhatsApp on Thursday.

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