Nigerian Police is the Best in the World- IGP Adamu

Nigeria’s Police Boss, IGP Mohammed Adamu, on a Channels Television’s interview, said that men of the Nigerian Police perform better than their counterparts from other countries when given a level playing field.

IGP Adamu who said this on Monday, while appearing on Channels Television’s program, noted that with the right resources, his men do much better at peace keeping than those from other nations.

IGP Adamu.

He called for more support of the Nigeria Police Force to enable them rise to the level of what is obtainable in developed nations.

“When you have police as an organisation that is supposed to fight crime, to maintain law and order, the personnel of that organisation must be properly trained, must be properly equipped, must be given the necessary tools required for them to perform the functions for which they are recruited,” he said.

Cross section of some police officers in the Nigeria Police Force.

“It is only in Nigeria that you have police officers that don’t have the required logistics that they need to operate, but they struggle and make the society peaceful.”

“When you take them out of the country, to an international environment where those logistics that are required for you to do policing job are there, you see them performing wonderfully well. And that’s why Nigerian police officers are acclaimed to be the best in the world.”

The Mobile Police Division of the Nigerian Police.

“Put Nigerian police officers side by side with even police officers from advanced countries; give them the same function; give them the same logistics; you’ll see the officers of the Nigerian police perform better than those that are coming from so-called advanced countries.”

I’m an example. A lot of police officers from those advanced countries worked under me and I directed them on what policing is and what should come out of them.”


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