A United South will be Stronger, Kanu Says, as he Calls for a Stronger Middlebelt

On Sunday, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), said that the South would be stronger if the different regions in the country unite.

He called on the Middlebelt to bring a strong youth leader who would spearhead change.

“There is need now, more than ever, for the emergence of an equally vibrant youthful leader from the Middle Belt as we now have in Yorubaland.”

“Our promise remains that no indigenous tribe or ethnic group in Nigeria will be left behind if we work in tandem…,” Kanu said.

On the recent clashes between the Army and the Eastern Security Network (ESN), Kanu said that despite the challenges, the Network remained committed to securing the forests and the region of criminals and foreign invaders.

“Nobody has ever seen ESN along the road or street but anyone looking for us must come inside the bush, not the streets.”

“We are warning those looking for our men to steer clear because we are determined to protect our bushes and forests throughout Biafraland against the foreign invaders,” Kanu said.

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  1. Kanu can never be called idiot, but some people both in South east and south south are idiot. Why they are idiot? They are all watching Fulanis incessantly terrorising, killing, kidnapping, and causing other source of havocs to Christian’s and southern regions, in their land, and those who called Kanu idiot are watch their people killing everyday in their land. It is only, only Kanu and few who have that wisdom and vision, and sympathy for their people joint him(kanu) to stop all various atrocities. Kanu and other few are not doing or fight this course for themselves but for all for all the regions, including those who called Kanu idiot who have been constantly experiencing killing, kidnapping and tortures. Why those called Kanu idiot continue to oppose Kanu and called him idiot and be watching their people killed, kidnaps, torture? Because those who called him idiot have been continuously be given millions of naira and political appointments where they will keep silent and remains like mumu so that fulanis will continue to unleash havoc in our lands and also drilling our oil and using the money to develop their places. Kanu who refusing to be bribe and ready die and emancipated their people from blood sucking fulani. Who is now idiot?

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