I Burned my Boyfriend after 3 Abortions & Fights- Narrates 17-Year-Old BSU Student

An eighteen 17-year-old girl, Esther from Ado Local Government Area of Benue state, in the early hours of Monday, January 11, burnt her boyfriend, Elvis Chidinma Omah from Nsuka Local Government Area of Enugu State to death in Makurdi.

Below is an exclusive interview with the 17-Year-Old prospective Law Student of Benue State University, who burned her boyfriend alive after sex.

Copied from the PUNCH.

What is your name?
My name is Esther Alex.

How old are you?
I am 17 years old.

What do you do?
I just gained admission into Benue State University to study Law.

You were arrested for allegedly setting one Chidinma, said to be your boyfriend, ablaze. What actually happened?

I just can’t explain why I killed my boyfriend. I was just angry over all the issues we had.

The deceased.

What were the issues?

We had been fighting over some issues; like I was a virgin when I met him and he promised never to leave me but to always stand by me. Our relationship was really serious to the extent that we had to take a blood oath before I allowed him to deflower me. When I got pregnant for him, he gave me an injection in his medicine shop to abort the pregnancy. I got pregnant the second time and he promised that we would keep that one (pregnancy). Then he started misbehaving and would sometimes not even come home while I was pregnant.

Were the two of you living together?
Yes. He came with some people to meet with my family after which I moved in with him. Then I got pregnant for him the third time. We had serious problems to the point that we had even been going to the police station. I later had to pack out of his house. His sister would sometimes come and beat me up in the house. I couldn’t fight for myself. After our last fight, he travelled to his village for Christmas and came back on Saturday, January 9, 2021.
The night he returned from the village, he came to look for me at our house. I was going to buy something in the neighbourhood when I heard him calling me but I didn’t answer him. He started begging me and said there were things he needed to settle with me. I said I had forgiven him. He then said I should come to his house and I said it wouldn’t be possible immediately.

What happened when you got to his house with the fuel?

By the time I got to his house, the main gate to the compound was already locked so I had to go and knock at his window. He asked who was there and I said I was the one. He came and opened the gate for me and I entered but left the fuel outside.

We started chatting in his room and settled (our differences), then we had sex. I actually didn’t feel like having sex with him but he forced me and had his way. After the sex, we both slept off.

Then what happened?
I just cannot say, but later, I went outside and carried the fuel and poured it in the room and then I lit the matches. I ran out naked and went and slept inside a church.

How do you feel now?
Reality has dawned on me now and I feel bad about what has happened.

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