Nigerians Criticize Ahmed Musa for Posting a Picture of Him and His Wife

On January 7th, Super Eagles forward, Ahmed Musa, came under heavy criticism, after he posted a picture of himself and his wife on his official Facebook account.

In the picture, the clearly ecstatic 28-year-old who was recently released by Saudi Arabian side, Al Nassr, posed with his wife, Juliet Ejue, with the lady planting a peck on his chin.

However, this garnered alot of backlash from some Nigerians, especially those of Islamic background, with some hinting that he should not publicise his personal affairs with his wife.

One Fodio Fandirma wrote, “Ahmad try to secure ur wife and her dignity not profuse ur life matter to the world.
hide it for you only, like ur personal data’s or ATM pin.”

“Your family is secrète brother,” said one Yunusa Turaki.

Another of his fans, Muhammad Ahmad, said, “Please my mentor this posting is not good for you.”

There were others who sided with the former Leicester City winger, noting that the Qur’an is not against public expression of affection to one you are married to.

One Mubarak said, “I wonder the kind of mentality most of our northern people have.
I didn’t saw (sic) anything wrong with his picture at all, he isislamically married to her and there is no Hadith or Qur’anic verse that prescribe what he posted as haram.
We northern people need to put this kind of things aside and focus on the development of our region, if we are using the same voice we used in calling most of Northern celebrities like Rahama Sadauto call out our leaders for anything they did wrong, we will have passed the level of development we are currently at, but due to hypocrisy we won’t do that. We are only interested in interfering on things that are not islamically proven wrong.”

Another, saw as hypocritical, those castigating Musa.

“Same Muslims that pray with Chilled Beer in their ablution Kettle instead of water is accusing someone that’s having a good time with his wife and children,” said one Chisom.

Don Tico said, “What’s wrong with these religious bigots ,is she your wife? When a man makes money, he lives his life to the fullest . All those shouting should taste money,fame and know what it’s like . He’s appreciating what he has and your poverty stricken life is telling you to have opinion on how he chose to live his life.”


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