Javicia Leslie becomes the First Black Woman to Play Batwoman

For the first time ever, a black woman is set to play the role of Batwoman (female version of Batman), a heroine in DC comics.

33-year-old actress, Javicia Leslie, who lives in Los Angeles, grew up seeing popular Hollywood blockbuster billboards on the streets of Sunset Boulevard, which she said inspired her alot.

“I did an interview in May and I was asked what role I wanted to do next. And I said I want to play a superhero. I had a specific role in mind and I said, I want to play a superhero. And then the following month I got the audition for Batwoman. I didn’t even know that they were looking to cast a new Batwoman. So I just I truly believe in manifestation,” Leslie said.

In Batwoman Season 2, Leslie will be replacing Ruby Rose, who departed after just one season, and she plays the role of Ryan Wilder, who spent years as a drug runner. Her character has lethal hand-combat skills, is seen as a kindhearted person who lives in a van with her plant.

“I always just remind myself that, like, my purpose isn’t for me. My purpose is to empower other people. And God brought me here for a reason. He put me in this position for a reason. And so with that, it’s nothing, you know, it’s nothing to fear because I know, like, this will empower someone to see a black female superhero. You don’t get to see that very often and to really see it in a franchise. That’s so epic”, she added.

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